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Nakedness in marriage

Nakedness in marriage.


To Honor God

To honor God, one must first honor what God honors !!!

Righteous Fellowship

Every marriage needs righteous fellowship, another couple that has the same commitment to God and the covenant vow’s of marriage. A couple that holds them accountable,is a role model, a mentor and friend. A couple who is for your marriage not for the individual.

Nakedness in marriage

When God created Adam and Eve , he made them naked in the Garden of Eden .Most people think that is in the physical sense. But God created them to be naked in all areas of themselves ,physically ,mentally ,emotionally, and spiritually, They were completely exposed before each other and God in all areas of their life. Sin made them ashamed of themselves and to hide from each other and God. Everyone knows how they hid themselves with fig leaves physically, but they hid so much more mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They started blaming each other, not accepting responsibility for their own sin. They hid emotions from each other and lost their spiritual relationship with God. Because of this we now are born with the same sin nature of Adam and Eve, we want to hide from our spouse the most vulnerable parts of our selves .

We don’t have to live in the dark, we can choose to live in the light. But this will take being totally naked in front of our spouse. OPEN, HONEST, TRANSPARENTCY with all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and communication.Get naked with your spouse and live in the light, the air is cleaner , the sun is brighter , life is better.

Grace in Marriage

When is it OK to end a marriage? The bible gives us an instance where it is OK. But even then I would say it depends on the circumstance. If the one who committed adultery repents , then I believe that the other spouse should allow Grace to heal and restore what was lost. When we have been betrayed and hurt it is easy to give up, but I think of Jesus on the cross, how he was betrayed and crucified for things he did not do, but loved us anyway. It is hard sometimes to do the right thing, but the reward for doing your best to do as Christ would do and see God work in your marriage is the best.It is not about your marriage at this point, it is about not letting satin have his way with the person you love. To what lengths would you stop satin from harming your children whom you love? give that same effort and more to your spouse, all is not lost. The marriage of your dreams is within your reach !!!!

The problem with a lot of churches today is they don’t tell the whole truth about alot of the teachings in the bible. They do not want to offend the sinner. They like the feel good approch. they want people to feel good, inspired and uplifted and joyfull. What people need is the truth, convicted and changed. It is much harder for the Holy Spirit to convict a sin if the chuch makes them feel good. just saying.